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My name is Roger Hunt and this website describes some of my hobbies and interests, including amateur radio, genealogy and dirt bike riding. For those not into "ham" radio, the website address is my amateur radio call sign.

Amateur radio is my newest hobby, which I began pursuing in 2001 because I routinely rode my dirt bike in the desert alone and was looking for a way to avoid becoming coyote food if I "crashed and burned." Ham radio continues to fascinate me, with its numerous facets which I can explore for years to come.

Genealogy has been a passion I pursued relentlessly for 30 years. Thousands of hours of research, months of travel across the United States and internationally, with man-months spent in hundreds of libraries, archives and research facilities resulted in the publication of six extensive family history books.

Riding dirt bikes is my oldest hobby, which I began doing about 1965. I raced motocross for 6-8 years, and when not racing, could usually be found "on any Sunday" riding the trails and tackling the infamous hill climbs in the Tillamook Burn area in Oregon. Born with little sense, I still ride today.

I have lots of other interests, some of which are reflected by a couple of links on the left. For example, I love computers and writing computer code. There is a joke about the guy whose wife needs to buy perfume that smells like a computer. That hits embarrassingly close to home.
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